Shamrock Competition Is heating up! One Million Thank yous

Our 2nd Year~!

Raising money for the FISH FOOD Pantry and the Friends of the Fox has been a tradition surrounding our Parade. Last year, we thought it would be fun to sell Shamrocks around town during the weeks leading up to the Parade. We made some cool shamrocks, brought them to some bars and businesses, and raised almost $1000.  This year, more businesses and bars were interested in participating, and a goodwill competition to win the Traveling Shamrock trophy has brought the Dundees together in a wonderful way.

To date, March 5, we have tripled the total from last year. Different establishments have been ahead at different times. The good-nature way patrons and the business owners are participating has inspired us!  When you visit a bar, read the signatures, and better yet - buy Shamrock. 

The competition will  continue through St. Patrick's Day on March 17th. On March 18, we will make our final visit to the bars 

and restaurants, pick up the last donations, and also the signed shamrocks.

Our project will continue next year! We want to reuse the materials, and create beautiful & lucky shamrocks again. Contact Marykay with questions@847-651-1291, or email us by using the form below. 


Marykay Witsiepe Harvey

McNamee Family Foundation-Vice President 


Let the Shamrock competition begin!

ATTENTION - East and West Dundee Bars and Restaurants!


Last year, the Shamrock competition helped us raise over $1000.00 for the FISH food pantry and the Friends of the Fox.  

2019- This year - we are on track to more than triple that amount. 

We also will be recycling the material used to create the shamrocks. Bar owners and businesses! We are SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! 

The Shamrock Trophy


This special trophy created especially for the Shamrock competition is now on display at the River Street Tavern. As this year's competition gets underway, look for Shamrocks for sale all over Dundee. Who will win the trophy this year?  

2018 Winner was River Street


Thank you to all the bars and establishments that participated! 

 2nd place in the 2018 competition was Calendo's ! Thank you to all the business that helped us last year, we will see you soon.

Do you have any questions about your standing or Shamrocks?

Let us know!

Thom McNamee Memorial St Patrick's Day Parade

Fund Raising for local charities


Our Fund Raising Activities

The Friends of the Fox Organization and and FISH Food Pantry will receive all the funds from the Mary's Shamrock sale again during 2019. Parade volunteers helped to make 300 shamrocks and Mary's Shamrocks is donating over 1000 more shamrocks to  town businesses who are willing to sell them. Last year Mary's shamrocks sparkled all over East and West Dundee... We hope to shine even brighter this year. Visit often, sign your name. Good luck will be yours if you do, and our sincere gratitude. 


Tradition of helping the community

Year after year, Thom's Parade and fundraising efforts have given back thousands of dollars to the two very deserving organizations in our community. The McNamee family and McNamee Foundation will continue this tradition in 2019. 


Who will win the coveted SHAMROCK Trophy?

We love the people of East Dundee!    During 2018, local establishments sold our shamrocks and raised over one thousand dollars! Businesses then displayed shamrocks on their walls sharing their generous spirit. The competition to display the most shamrocks was a fun way to support the community, and engaged the entire Dundee Area. THANK YOU A MILLION THANK YOU +S.