St. Patrick's Fund Raiser

We are looking for multiple St. Patrick's to march in the Parade this year!


Ladies and gentleman …. We are opening up something new!!!!

The best dressed male, or female St. Patrick contest! 

Join us – all the St. Patrick's will march together! 

Our efforts to raise funds will go directly to the veterans that are at our parade!

There will be 2 winners, Prize 1, the Best Dressed St.Patrick, Prize 2, the most $$$ collected!

The prize,  the honor of St. Patrick of the year 2019 at Thom McNamee Memorial St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Help us get our tradition started. 

Spread the word!

We will have Facebook voting and judged by St. Patrick, Frank Duggan.  

All St. Patrick's are invited to participate. Meet at Rosie O'Hara's on Parade Day, March 9th at 9 o'clock to organize and toast to St.Patrick!


St.Patrick, St.Patrick, St.Patrick, join us in the parade

Hairy St.Patrick


Serious about the day! 



A true Irish Legend. 

Cool and Irish


March with Frank! Bring your money for the vets. See you there.